In Loving Memory of Dame Daphne Sheldrick

04 June 1934 - 12 April 2018

“Daphne was a national treasure and a conservation icon. Her legacy is immeasurable and her passing will reverberate far and wide because the difference she has made for conservation in Kenya is unparalleled.”– Angela Sheldrick, Daphne Sheldrick’s Daughter and CEO of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

In her 83 years with us, Daphne touched countless lives — from generations of elephants who are thriving today through her trailblazing conservation work, to people all over the world who drew inspiration from her. She is testament to the difference that a single person can make, and her legacy lives on as we continue to protect and preserve wildlife in her memory.

Below, we invite you to share your own story of how Daphne touched your life.

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Jill Kenny

Posted 15 May 2018

God bless you Daphne Sheldrick. You were an angel on earth helping the orphans & delivering the care they needed to survive & thrive. It is people like you whom I admire & will forever be grateful. Rest in eternal peace.

Thomas and Sandra Van Zant

Posted 15 May 2018

“Dear Angela and all the fabulous people of DSWT
We are so saddened to learn of the passing of your mother and matriarch. She was an inspiration in more ways than we could enumerate from worldwide to innumerable individuals. Her amazing life which she thankfully chronicled for all of us allows us to see the needs of the Kenyan wildlife see their incredible intelligence and into their blessed souls. We are thankful for the invitation to participate in her dream.
She was blessed to have such a thoughtful and caring daughter and staff by her side. We hope you can find some comfort in your memories in these difficult days.
With deepest sympathy for your loss
Tom and Sandy Van Zant”

Hennie Beavis

Posted 15 May 2018

“Wonderful to know that Dame Daphne’s work will continue in very safe hands.
Thank you for everything. xxx”

Vijay Antharam

Posted 15 May 2018

I feel very sad and heartbroken over Dame Daphne’s passing. I don’t know what to think it really is deflating and painful in my chest. I do not know how the Trust will survive without her guiding presence and just appearance. I know things will not be the same. I just want to let you know that I am very sad and just as devastated and raw emotion that you are feeling

Lovingly yours

Susan Ann Whitmore

Posted 15 May 2018

In memory of Dame Daphne Sheldrick whose compassion and commitment has lit a beacon of inspiration for generations to come.

Judith Romero

Posted 15 May 2018

My condolences for your loss. Dame Daphne Sheldrick was an inspiration to us all and I am grateful to everyone at DSWT for continuing on her noble work. May she Rest In Peace.

Karen Heather and Michael Gordon

Posted 15 May 2018

In memory of Dame Daphne Sheldrick to help continue her and David Sheldricks legacy. (In memory donation)

Richard Wiseman

Posted 15 May 2018

What a truly inspirational lady one in a million. I was lucky enough to meet Daphne in London when she was giving a talk and also in Nairobi when on orphan elephant arrived at the orphanage which was a very special moment which I will never forget. The world will be poorer without her and I send my love to all her family and everyone at DSWT.

Jeremy L Winter

Posted 15 May 2018

Your family’s devotion to conservation is inspiring and heart warming. Sending warm wishes from Canada. And condolences on Dame Daphne’s passing.


Posted 15 May 2018

I was privileged to meet Dame Daphne Sheldrick one evening at her home when on a working trip at the KSPCA in 1997 and I was delighted to meet two tiny baby orphans and their carers at that time. I felt so lucky to have had the invitation.

I was so sorry to hear of the recent passing of Dame Daphne and feel for her family and all of the people involved with her wonderful work for the elephants in Africa. It is so good to know that her valuable work will be continued by the DSWT.

It has been my dream for so many years now to return to Kenya and to the Trust’s orphanage and to be involved. I wish you all well in your hard work to keep on keeping on with Dame Daphne’s wonderful organisation.


Posted 15 May 2018

My sincere condolences on the loss of your beautiful Mother. Thank You for continuing her wonderful work in saving the elephants etc. I had never heard of your Trust before but just picked it up through somebody’s comment on Facebook and really wanted to donate in your Mum’s memory xx

Lynn Allison

Posted 15 May 2018

A truly inspirational and kind lady who has done so much for conservation and animals. Thank you. Wishing the DSWT more and more success in the future.

Marion Gay

Posted 15 May 2018

“I have always had a love for Elephants and have admired Dame Daphne and the work she and all at the trust have achieved
She has left a very great legacy but will be greatly missed.
Please keep her memory forever alive through all the rescued Elephants past and future.”

Leonard Jacobs

Posted 15 May 2018

I thank the Great Spirit every day for people like you who love and protect animals in need. I hope someday to visit the DSWT and express my appreciation in person for the fabulous work you do.

Janice Myers

Posted 15 May 2018

Very few live a life so full of purpose and make such an important impact in this world. Her legacy will live on through her family. May this fact give you strength during this time of grief. My deepest condolences.

Mrs. Marilyn Eland

Posted 15 May 2018

Thank you for your gift to the world of love and care for the orphaned elephants and rhinos. You will be sadly missed especially by those of us who have fostered for many many years. We feel a part of your family and grieve with them.

Lee Illingworth

Posted 15 May 2018

“Thank you Dame Daphne for your pioneering work with the orphaned elephants and your dedication to wildlife conservation.
My wife died in January this year at the age of 46 so I know how brave it was of her to carry on and will try to look to her example as I try to find my place in the world again.
Condolences and love to you all.”

Susie Webb

Posted 15 May 2018

Thank you for all your wonderful work.

Esther Wolf Isler

Posted 15 May 2018

Dearest Angela,

We are enormously sad about the passing away of your so beloved Daphne. Our thoughts are with you. We share the loss of Daphne and the sadness you have to go through with you and Robert and Roan and Taru and with Jill and her family.

We just hope she had not a battle to pass away and could be in her loved surrounding, sliding away into another world.

Daphne has a very, very special place in our hearts and will always have. All the unforgettable experiences and adventures we shared with her will stay in our memories for ever. She was a unique and wonderful person, not finding enough words for what she means to us.

We offer heartiest sympathy to you all and wish you consolation and strength in this sorrow and all the very best in this sad time.

With all our love,

Esther and Philipp

Colin Jamieson

Posted 15 May 2018

Thank you so much for what you do.