In Loving Memory of Dame Daphne Sheldrick

04 June 1934 - 12 April 2018

“Daphne was a national treasure and a conservation icon. Her legacy is immeasurable and her passing will reverberate far and wide because the difference she has made for conservation in Kenya is unparalleled.”– Angela Sheldrick, Daphne Sheldrick’s Daughter and CEO of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

In her 83 years with us, Daphne touched countless lives — from generations of elephants who are thriving today through her trailblazing conservation work, to people all over the world who drew inspiration from her. She is testament to the difference that a single person can make, and her legacy lives on as we continue to protect and preserve wildlife in her memory.

Below, we invite you to share your own story of how Daphne touched your life.

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Anne Reichel

Posted 11 July 2018

What a person gives to the good in the world, is not lost.

In loving memory!


Posted 9 July 2018

I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand.
John 10:28

RIP Daphne


Posted 8 July 2018

Simply….”Thank You” Dame Daphne Sheldrick for all that you did. May you rest in peace.
California, USA

CHristopher BYrne

Posted 6 July 2018

Saw the wonderful documentary ‘the elephant who found a Mom’ today And googled ‘Daphne Sheldrick’ to find out more about her Life. She led a wonderful life and left a Great legacy. My condolences to Angela and all her family.

Luigi Pisani

Posted 2 July 2018

I am very sad. I’m sure she will continue her work wherever she is now. A hug.

Melissa Drayer

Posted 24 June 2018

My heart is broken to hear such a wonderful women has passed. I wanted to meet her since hearing of her two years ago. I know that all her life dedications will continue to give forever. I hope to be someone like her in this life. We need people with a love of God’s creation such as she had. May you rest in heavenly peace sweet lady. You will always remembered.


Posted 23 June 2018

Was very sad to hear of her passing.
Will be missed. All the updates with her talking about the babies. My condolences.

Melissa Griffin

Posted 22 June 2018

Dame Sheldrick was, and will continue to be, my “rock hero”.

I am grateful for those who will carry on this amazing work. The world will miss her.

Susan Spescha

Posted 21 June 2018

There are no words to adequately and eloquently express my gratitude and appreciation for all that Dame Daphne has done for elephants and so many other wild animals, as well as for the humans who care about their plight, or who have learned to care, because of her tireless and selfless efforts. What an incredible legacy to leave to one’s children, family and extended family, both two- and four-legged.

Thank you, Dame Daphne, for being the champion not only for those in your care, and still fighting to exist in the wild, but also for your commitment to education, so it may continue and never be in vain.

I can only imagine the ‘welcoming committee’ you had upon your arrival in your new resting place….may you rest in peace!

Malcolm Fenton

Posted 18 June 2018

A great soul has passed from the Earth. My profound sympathies to all of the Sheldrick family, to direct relatives and to all who were included in the great orbit of Daphne Sheldrick’s caring and love. If we are to honor her memory, I feel that we must carry on the tradition of a compassion towards all living beings, and drive forward with the mission of conserving the wilderness and wild animals that remain to us. Thank you, Dame Daphne, for showing us the way..

Kristen Furseh

Posted 15 June 2018

Dame Sheldrick was truly an amazing person with a heart that was so big that is had room for her human family and also for many elephants and other animals. She is an excellent role model and touch many during her lifetime.
Many condolences, Kristen Furseth

BJ Hardin

Posted 12 June 2018

I first heard of Daphne Shldrick when i saw a NatGeo special on tv called “Daphne and Eleanor” years ago. That show really touched me, especially the fact that she found a way to release the orphaned elephant babies back into the wild sucessfully-via Eleanor. I followed Daphne’s work for years, and fostered many orphans myself, then had the great honor of meeting her in 2014 at the Kenya location. I had sprained my ankle while of safari in Tanzania, but wasnt about to miss the opportunity to meet her- so, hobbling on one foot, i made it to Kenya dn the orphanage. It was truly the highlight of my trip. I now foster elephant or rhino orphans for my nieces and nephews every year, and will do so for all my grandchildren too when they reach school age. her book “Love, Life and Elephants” was a wonderful story of her life, and a must read for anyone who appreciates her work. Thank you Angela, for continuing her work. She will always be a hero to me.

Susan Scott

Posted 10 June 2018

If everyone on this planet had the kindness of Daphne Sheldrick in their
heart, what a great world this would be…. animal human love…………