In Loving Memory of Dame Daphne Sheldrick

04 June 1934 - 12 April 2018

“Daphne was a national treasure and a conservation icon. Her legacy is immeasurable and her passing will reverberate far and wide because the difference she has made for conservation in Kenya is unparalleled.”– Angela Sheldrick, Daphne Sheldrick’s Daughter and CEO of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

In her 83 years with us, Daphne touched countless lives — from generations of elephants who are thriving today through her trailblazing conservation work, to people all over the world who drew inspiration from her. She is testament to the difference that a single person can make, and her legacy lives on as we continue to protect and preserve wildlife in her memory.

Below, we invite you to share your own story of how Daphne touched your life.

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Ewa Prejs-Michalska

Posted 15 March 2019

Dear Madame and Sirs,
This is almost one year after your lost.
I had not opportunity to forward my deepest condolence before , I am so sorry because of that. Since my visit in Kenya and your orphan in February 2014 I wanted to write a letter to Madame Daphne, and thank for Her amazing activity, with so magnificant impact. I had not met with Madame Daphne personally, but for sure my visit change my life- I am still a “mother” for baby-elephant, my favorite mammals since ages. I am in love with Africa, nature. I am proud to be a small part of Mrs Daphne’s world, participating in wildlife protection. Sincerely, Ewa Prejs-Michalska

Lavanah Judah

Posted 6 March 2019

Although, I have never personally met Dame Daphne, I loved her in spirit from all that I learned from the videos posted on youtube. What a gifted life she lived and her legacy has left all of us enriched, especially the orphan elephants. She will be missed dearly.

With sympathy,

Lavanah Judah


Posted 4 March 2019

I have a project on being a person who saved an animal/animals I choose her. I found this website while researching about her job. I am very sad she passed away, and I will always remember her and she will stay in my heart forever.

Kariymah muhammad

Posted 19 February 2019

She was truly a gem and an inspiration to all who knew her. She is the reason I love elephants. May rest in sweet peace with her elephant family that she so loved. She is truly missed by all of us.

Elaine Cave

Posted 8 February 2019

Thank you for all you did in your life and the legacy you have left behind for these magnificent Elephants. Long may the your family and the young men to Kenya continue your work

Kelly Fitzgerald

Posted 30 January 2019

I am sorry for your loss. May she be remembered for her work.

Bella Pacheco

Posted 21 January 2019

Dearest Damphne:

You have inspired and touched the hearts of millions. We will keep your legacy alive by continueing your work to save and protect our beautiful Wildlife. One day I will have the pleasure and honor in meeting you sweet Daphne. Till then, give my love to all the Ellis in heaven that have crossed over the rainbow bridge. 🌈

Colleen Annette Madeira

Posted 17 January 2019

I’m so sorry to hear of the passing of an amazing lady. Please except my condolences. I will pray for the comfort of family and friends. I loved coming to the David Sheldrick elephant orphanage in Nairobi every year. Much love to all, Colleen

Debbie Osborn

Posted 15 January 2019

I first met Dame Daphne through an email request asking her if she knew of a baby male saved by her foundation some 20 years ago. Remarkably she had information on this poor orphaned male we found hopelessly wandering while we were out on a camera safari. This email led to our meeting in NY, the only stop Dame Daphne said she would be making for her book tour, claiming she was too old to be traveling, but the real reason I suspect she did not want to be traveling was due to the beautiful orphanage she had created, with all those beautiful souls she had saved from perishing. I often think of her, not just for the inspiration that she was but of common woman who was able to launch a movement of empathetic awareness. If we cannot save these beautiful creatures from ourselves, what are we?

Karin Rischert

Posted 7 January 2019

Since I have read the wonderful book “Eine afrikanische Liebesgeschichte” by Daphne Sheldrick I am in love with those beautiful animals. And meanwhile all my students!

I am still very sad about the death of Daphne Sheldrick. I know, that is the nature of nature. It is very hard to accept. I always remember the little Aisha and her death makes me sad, too.

But in my heart:
Daphne and Aisha are living forever!

Nancy Jacques

Posted 23 December 2018

A tragic loss of a role model for three generations of women (and men) who care deeply about ecosystems, wildlife, and how human beings can live in harmony with nature.

Judy Kanarek

Posted 18 December 2018

I’m so sorry to hear of Daphne Sheldrick’s passing she will absolutely be missed. by everyone at the orphanage, she created to save baby elephants. I have been following her for years and her compassion and wisdom about orphaned baby elephants was a testament of her love of the baby elephants. I really admired her dedication and commitment to saving the lives of orphaned baby elephants. She will never be forgotten because her legacy will live on with the David Sheldrick Orphanage. I am sure she is in heaven surrounded by all the baby elephants she tried to save. I will always support the orphanage to keep her legacy alive. But she did pass on her extensive knowledge and experience of baby elephants to the keepers at the orphanage. Rest in peace, you are now an angel overlooking the orphanage.

Alice Klein

Posted 10 December 2018

I had no contact with this wonderful woman except through what she created, an exceptional organization doing critical work. How many elephants and other animals owe their lives to the work of the Sheldrick Trust? Condolences to the people left behind who lived and worked with her and loved her.

Julie LaRosa

Posted 6 December 2018

I am sure this time of year is very difficult for your family and I wanted to offer my deepest condolences. I also wanted to share with you the lasting legacy of Dame Daphne Sheldrick.
My daughter, Sophia, is a bright, animal loving eight year old who chose Dame Sheldrick for her historical presentation at her Montessori school in Florida, USA. My daughter was completely captivated by Daphne’s life story and her immense contributions to the animal world. She even dressed up for the presentation, wearing a dress she thought resembled Daphne’s sense of style!
It’s hard to measure the impact of one life in this world, but clearly Daphne’s influence was enormous and long lasting. It even reached a young girl, half a world away, who may well go on to live a life of service to animals as a result of Daphne’s work.
Much love from our family to yours,

E. Alexandra Panagiotou

Posted 5 December 2018

After having studied wildlife conservation and conservation science, I am now forging forth trying to secure my place in this magnificent, inspiring field. One of those who cared enough and whose efforts made a difference has pointed out the way. The work that the David Sheldrick Trust continues to do is an example of just how great an impact it has. However, she will be greatly missed.

Wendy Gonzales

Posted 22 November 2018

I am so sad that the elephant kingdom lost such a loving mother. Thank goodness that we had her to build and support these amazing creatures, while we did . Prayers that the foundation continues and helps these intelligent creatures.

Susan crisp

Posted 18 November 2018

Dame Daphne you are an amazing lady. Bless you. XXX 🐘😘

john aslanian

Posted 13 November 2018

She will never die. Her memory will live forever through thousands of elephants.